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I’m Luna Belle, a pure bred, working line, black brindle, German Shepherd Dog!
I used to be kept chained to a tree in someone’s back yard.
I never got to play or see anyone.
I was very cold and sad and had a very
rough life.

Then one day I was rescued by a nice lady and eventually
ended up with my forever human daddy, Ben*.
I now have a very wonderful ruff life that I absolutely love.

Ben gave me my own web site that I call “A Ruff Life”.
I even have my own
YouTube channel. The intro video is below.

He then made me a
Facebook group
and wrote a
theme song that I actually got to sing on!

Please come back often to see more information and videos!

*Ben used to co-run a professional dog training business,
as a tv production manager created the local tv show Let’s Talk About Dogs,
and has had several GSDs (as well as other dogs and animals) during his adventurous life.